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“Hey Siri, it’s writing time.”

Recently, I wrote an article on how the iPad is a writer’s computer. In this one, I’m going to break down my writing process using the said iPad.

Using Shortcuts:

Shortcuts on iOS has become an integral part of my life. I’ll write a separate piece on all the shortcuts I use, but for now, there are two shortcuts I use to increase my productivity when it comes to writing.

1. Daily Scene

The first one is something I call the Daily Scene.

This shortcuts prompts me with three simple questions:
1. What did you get done yesterday?
2. What are you going to do today?
3. What…

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To remember and to forget.

A few months ago, I started a Late Night Writing Circle. It is a safe space for writers to band together and talk about writing. As it was online (Zoom) and late at night (11 pm IST), people joined in their pyjamas. (I think the best writing is done in pyjamas and boxers. How can you ever write anything worthwhile in jeans?)

I tend to start each writing circle with a question, hoping to guide a conversation around topics that I’ve been thinking about and discussing with other writers. Last week’s question was “What is writing?” …

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Newsletter #15

Today, I’m going to recommend an entire universe.

My interest was piqued when I first saw the trailer for the Netflix show — Shadow and Bone. Fantasy fiction, set in another world where light and darkness are at odds with each other, with monsters and teeth and bones and a protagonist who does not want to fight — sign me up, right? As all good things are, the show is based on a book. …

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It’s not the Magic Keyboard Case

Story Time:

When I first bought my iPad Pro 2018, it ran iOS 12. I got a Bluetooth keyboard attached to it and I grew adept at using keyboard shortcuts. But there were still certain tasks that required me to lift my hand and touch the screen. There was no getting around the fact that the iPad was a touch first tablet. This led to a lot of hand fatigue and breaks in flow.

Come iPadOS 13.3, we got mouse support. I instantly got a simple, inexpensive mouse: the Logitech Pebble. It served me well for a year. It’s small, portable and…

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Based on true life events

His allergies were easily activated and he’d start sneezing. Not once, but he’d go on a spree. He often joked that he should get a T-shirt printed with the legend Serial Sneezer.

On a date with his new-ish girlfriend, he took her to a garden. They sat on the grass under a tree, using a headphone splitter to enjoy music together. It started as something romantic. But the pollen got to him and the sneezes started. This was not how he thought date would go, but he was a slave to his allergies.

He turned to apologise to her. But…

Newsletter #14

I had a whole different newsletter written and ready to be sent. But just yesterday, I sat down and wrote this. Changed it all up. Why? On a whim. But I think this one matters to me more than what I had planned.

I am a firm believer of this quote:

A good captain discards the plan to set the sails according to the whims of the winds.

(I don’t remember where I’d read it or who had written it. If you do, please let me know.)

Anyway, while the other newsletter will find a way to you one day…

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Why reality did not meet our expectations when it came to iPadOS 15

Ever since Apple decided to put the M1 processor in the iPad Pro, all us tech nerds (me included) whetted our appetites.

“The iPad now has the same processor as a Mac.”
“The iPad should run MacOS.”
“The iPad is getting the Pro apps for sure.”

Releasing an iPad Pro with an M1 chip, weeks before WWDC meant only one thing: Things are about to change, drastically, in iPadOS.

But Apple is known to take their time till the technology is right before adopting it. So why did we expect so much out of iPadOS? …

Source: Apple

This will fundamentally change the iPad experience

At WWDC21, Apple unveiled its future softwares for all its major platforms. As an iPad user, I was waiting with bated breath to see what they would unveil. I had my own wishlist. They did add one feature from the my list, but there is much to be desired.

What they did show off looked pretty good. Beside the big features, there are several smaller changes within the software that make the experience on an iPad that much better. These are those quality of life changes I always look forward to.

Let’s dive into them:

1. Software Updates:

<Also available in iOS 15>

Source: MacObserver

Is the iPad Pro “pro” enough?

I’ve been using the iPad Pro as my main computer since iOS 12. Every iteration of the operating system has brought welcome changes and advancement to my workflow. I’m looking forward to iPadOS 15 and hoping it solves some of the gripes we currently have with the iPad.

A lot of the complaints the iPadOS has can be combatted by working on these aspects of the system:

1. “Pro” Apps
2. Fix Files
3. Add External Monitor Support
4. Widgets
4.1. Shortcut Widget
4.2. Interactive Widgets
5. Microphone and Speaker Source Support

1. “Pro” Apps:

The iPad has plenty of apps and can…

SourSource: Youtube/JonathanMorrison

Especially the M1 Powered iPads.

With the M1 iPad Pro out now, the biggest question is this: Will it run MacOS? Will Apple bring down the walls around iOS (iPadOS now) and allow developers to just dual boot into MacOS. It has the Mac hardware, right? It even has enough RAM now. What’s really stopping Apple from running MacOS on an iPad?

I’ve been using an iPad Pro 12.9" from 2018 as my main computer for couple of years now and I have a few thoughts. I’ll be breaking it down into these:

1. User Interface
2. Product Category
3. Legacy

1. User Interface:

The iPad software is…

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