Hi Danna,

I have seen a couple of your messages and every time I think “I’ll just finish this and I’ll reply,” post which it slips my mind. I’m extremely sorry about that.

In terms of response, I don’t mean from the writers. We have about 130+ stories and some of them are fabulous. And it kills me inside that I’m unable to do justice to them. By response I mean, after Liz left, we needed someone to take it over, but we hardly got anyone. Even within us Editors, we were a hesitant to take it up. It mostly had to do with the time commitment and being the sole “bread-earner” situation. We even thought of keeping the leader as a three person group, but that idea fizzled out as well.

We don’t want to drop the project but circumstances are beyond our control.

In terms of who replaced me: Srinath is taking care of the emails and all the other editors publish stories according to their schedule. As I don’t have a fixed schedule, I pop in once or twice a week and publish stories. On the days when you see increased activity from the Coffeelicious, it is safe to say I donned my Editor hat.

I’ve been contemplating stepping down for a while now, maybe just take a break from it all, handle all the other aspects of my life and come back when I can. But Coffeelicious is such an intricate part of my life that I’m finding it hard to let go. I’ve been stuck in this limbo and it seems to be hurting The Coffeelicious as much as it is me. I wish I was as brave as Liz was.

Storyteller | Writer | Writing Coach | Read more at akshaygajria.com

Storyteller | Writer | Writing Coach | Read more at akshaygajria.com