I use the iPad in various ways, something I can never get out of a traditional laptop. For example, for reserach, I have to read a lot, and it helps when I can just pick up the iPad, turn it into portrait and read it while in my hand. It’s a small thing, but it makes the tool that much more comfortable to use.

I do own a MacBook Air, and back in 2018 when there was no M1, I needed a device that would help me edit videos (Small scale) and make graphics. My Macbook struggled in both tasks. The iPad on the other hand handles it all (and still does) with ease.

Third, it makes for a great content consumption device, especially the quad spears. I’d argue that those are still way ahead of the (even currrent gen) MacBook Air speakers.

You can read about my entire workflow using an iPad here: https://medium.com/macoclock/my-writing-workflow-on-an-ipad-6abe76026a32

I’ll just end it by saying, I prefer the iPadOS interface over the MacBook. There is less here, and that is exactly what I need. It helps me focus on my writing and not on the computing part.

Storyteller | Writer | Writing Coach | Read more at akshaygajria.com

Storyteller | Writer | Writing Coach | Read more at akshaygajria.com