I’ve been a toker for a long long time, but around 8/9 years ago I quit. I quit, not because I hate it, but because of my Asthama—smoking is not my thing. I don’t even smoke cigarettes. While I agree with you about how being high on weed can create distance between people, it is usually between people who are tokers and non-tokers. The tokers themselves seem to have an elegant system in place, where not much communication is necessary, we’re all in it to get high. It’s a mental state, and it’s more of a you have it if you do, otherwise you don’t. Even after all these years, I don’t miss getting high as much as I miss being a stoner, being a part of the circle, being a part of the entire consciousness of people who want to stay in that high state. I’ve found more connection there, and have met some individuals I would never have met or connected with if it hadn’t been for weed.

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