That was the question I was trying to find an answer to when I read Neil Gaiman’s original story. That is why I wrote this story. I was purposely vague in my story as he was (read: Sleight of Hand) for the mysterious effect they create as villains. After writing this story, I figured out what they were: They are spawn from the negative time, the time we spend in doubt and loathing, they fester in our silence where words should have been said, they take shape in the breaking apart of lovers, friends, and family — They are formed when bonds are dissolved. Time supposedly heals all wounds, but these are the creatures that cause it. They lie waiting behind each minute, behind each second, waiting for a chance to escape their time-d prison, to wreak havoc on this world. They sometimes succeed, taking captives into a timeless state, cut off from this world that flows with time. Every unit of time is a prison holding them, and the years, the Guardians.

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